About us

The Gallery focuses on various artworks by post-war and contemporary artists.

Edouard Simoens Gallery, established in 2018, has achieved international renown by specializing in the secondary market of Post-war and Contemporary Art. The gallery's focus is on curating and showcasing artworks that encapsulate the dynamic and evolving nature of these artistic periods.

The gallery's dedication to excellence is evident through its outstanding exhibitions. In 2019, a pivotal moment occurred with the organization of a historical exhibition featuring the monumental sculpture "Untitled (1995)" by Jannis Kounellis. This showcase underscored the gallery's unwavering commitment to presenting impactful and significant artworks, contributing to the cultural landscape. Other noteworthy exhibitions have featured works by prominent artists such as A.R. Penck and Carla Accardi, showcasing the gallery's diverse repertoire and dedication to promoting artists across various styles and movements.

Edouard Simoens Gallery actively participates in international art fairs, including notable events such as Art Cologne, Art Geneve, and Artefiera. This engagement reflects the gallery's commitment to reaching a global audience, fostering connections, and contributing to the broader discourse in the art world.

A distinctive aspect of Edouard Simoens Gallery is its collaborative approach with collectors. The gallery emphasizes developing long-term relationships that extend beyond transactional engagements. This unique approach highlights the gallery's commitment to fostering connections within the art community and supporting the passion and interests of its collectors. Through its dedication to excellence, diverse exhibitions, active participation in international events, and collaborative relationships, Edouard Simoens Gallery continues to play a significant role in shaping the narrative.

Exhibitions may vary around 4 a year and are devoted to established contemporary artists.

Edouard Simoens